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This is the time of year where the holidays are coming around and transition is happening for many. Some are getting closer to the end of the semester, others are waiting for acceptances in PT schools, and other clinicians are preparing for a new year. As a clinician that started treating 4 years ago, I am starting to reflect on time.

For many years I lived in a space of wishing for the next thing and not being present in my current experiences. I wish we started that next block of PT school.. wish we could start that next rotation..wish I could be done with boards..wish I could start working. But in the end each of those moments had great times and struggles associated with them. We often are in comparison mode with the way social media and society operates but I think now is a good time to reflect. What keeps you going? What are you excited about this week? What are you doing about your stressors?

One thing I truly believe in is things happen when it's mean't for you. It might not be your time in an application cycle, getting through that difficult class, or finding your dream job but you have to keep faith that things mean't for you will happen. When I was graduating from PT school I had a research poster accepted into an internati

onal conference but was unable to attend & present with how life was going at that time. Was it frustrating? Of course..but it allowed space for me to move forward with other things I needed to do at that stage in my life. Most things I wrote down intentionally 4 years ago I am today. It wasn't easy, it wasn't on my time, and it wasn't comfortable. Take risks, get uncomfortable, and keep moving forward on your time.

Love & Light | Today & Tomorrow

Dr. Mike Ukoha, PT DPT

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