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Live & Grow Mentorship Network

The Live & Grow Mentorship Network is for current clinicians, faculty, researchers and DPT students who are interested in providing insights for Live & Grow Mentorship mentees.


If interested in joining network fill out this form: 

This form is a disclosure informing you that by consenting to the use of information provided below, you authorize Live & Grow Mentorship LLC to make use of such information to foster the aims of the Network and the professional development of its members.

Commitment: mentees will have a maximum of 2 emails to you regarding their questions and plans. If you are interested in providing additional responses/resources to mentees you are welcome to but not required. If you have additional questions: email

Image by Ales Krivec
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Live & Grow Network

The Live & Grow Network currently has 30+ members in 16 states across the country. We have clinicians, researchers, faculty, and current DPT students. We are always evolving and looking to build up our community. Feel free to join! Love & Light | Today & Tomorrow.

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