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My Name Is My Name!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Michael | Ojiabo | Ukoha

Dr. Mike Ukoha



A second generation Nigerian American

A descendant of two Igbo parents from Abia State - Ohafia Village

An Atlanta born, Baltimore raised human

A flawed human. A man of my word

A physical therapist of 4 years but a human first.


Being the only one in the legacy of my family name born in the United States there comes expectation & separation. A common feeling of not being Nigerian enough or American enough. But the duality of my life gives me perspective some lack. On my journey to be a physical therapist I met a male Nigerian physical therapist in my 2nd year of PT school at the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) in Anaheim, California. His name badge read Chukwemeka Nwigwe. He said just call me Emeka. Emeka encouraged me to look into residencies and further my education after my DPT program. But before I could think about the future it made me reflect on my past. For 4 years of undergrad & 2 years of PT school I never saw or met a Nigerian male physical therapist. That interaction was incredibly meaningful for me and an important reminder that representation matters. Today I hope to be that representation for aspiring pre-pt students. #representationmatters #preptstudents #DPTstudents

Live & Grow | Love & Light

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