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Yesterday, I had my launch event for Live & Grow Mentorship in coordination with APTA MD DEI. This night prompted conversations of our past undergrad experiences, unforgettable PT school moments, and life as we know it today. These conversations brought me back to my interview for the #1 PT school on my list: University of Maryland Baltimore.

At the time I always told myself if they let me in the door for an interview. I’d be undeniable. My mental was there because it was only way to avoid thinking about the slim odds of getting into PT school in 2013. 7 years later I couldn’t have imagined the journey & experiences that led me to Live & Grow Mentorship. Last night allowed me to reflect with good company about our individual ability to be limitless. Career changers, practice owners, and entrepreneurs at the table reinforced my confidence in my vision.

Let’s be limitless in our ideas, intentions, and actions today & tomorrow. Live & Grow.

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