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Shadowing Tales - You never know..

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

When go through experiences and observations hours to apply to PT school you have to keep your net wide..

When I was a student I did a little bit of everything.. student government, sports clubs, & housing & residence life. But when I wen to pivot into more PT focused opportunities I ran into some problems. I went clinic to clinic, suit & tie, elevator pitch ready, resume ready...and I received a lot "no thank yous" & "thanks for your time." I was told no more than 15x to shadow or apply for a rehab tech position. It was discouraging and had me a bit uneasy going into my PTCAS application year. I am privileged to have a mom that was a register nurse in skilled nursing facility at the time. I had my first shadowing opportunity at my mom's facility. That opportunity led to my second shadowing experience in outpatient after being connected from a therapist at the SNF. 2 months after shadowing in the outpatient clinic, a friend of mine working in housing & residence life presented a rehab tech job opening knowing I was interested in going to PT school.

Long story short: you never know what one connection will be for you. You never know who's watching. You just never know. Keep grinding. Keep networking. Keep your eyes open..your next move could be right in front of you. You never know.. #Ptfam #Preptstudents

Live & Grow | Love & Light

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