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Nominating Committee

My name is Dr. Mike Ukoha, a second generation Nigerian American looking to serve you on the Nominating Committee of the American Physical Therapy Association! I'd love to speak with you about my intentions to break new ground as a profession in this position.

Live & Grow. Love & Light. Today & Tomorrow.

Wheat Field


Putting our members and non-members into focus with new perspectives and new ideas is essential. A focus in their needs and meeting them where they are. Stepping outside comfortable norms and seeking individuals who will inspire the profession 20 years from now. It starts with our processes of today. 

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Finding conversations of depth. Relationships are at the foundation of being on the nominating committee but how are we building relationships? For us to continue providing a diverse slate it is going to take building relationships at all stages of our professional careers (pre-pts, SPTs, early professionals, faculty and seasoned professionals) and going down roads less traveled. In each role I hold I have taken pride in highlighting clinicians, faculty, and students.  

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Bringing information involving this role to the forefront.

"Let the light shine through the House"


If we want to engage new leaders it will take being highly transparent in what this position entails. Start to finish. The more transparent we are, the more individuals we will have take a leap in their leadership the journey.

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