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What is Live & Grow Mentorship?


Pre-PT: It is an online organization that presents an opportunity to mentor pre-pt students applying to DPT programs, current DPT/PTA students, and new graduates. Pre-pt students starting directly after undergraduate graduation, students in a gap year, and career changers are welcome. This organization will have varying levels of assistance from a collection of supporting documents to 1 on 1 coaching through a PTCAS application cycle.

NEW**Current PT/New Graduates: Facilitate connections w/ clinicians, faculty, and researchers with common interests to assist in career journey. Assist with NPTE Prep via weekly quizzes and 1 on 1 mentorship. 


ALL of the above with an intention to support underrepresented groups within our profession to diversify our workforce and meet the needs of the communities we serve.


In a field where 3% of physical therapists identify as African American the sense of belonging is always a question. Are you good enough to get into PT school? Are you good enough to succeed in PT school? Will you be a successful clinician?


As a 2nd generation Nigerian American, I carved a path in my journey with many wins and losses. I often gave so much to the process in my journey to be a physical therapist that I lost myself. I missed family gatherings, missed trips to Nigeria to see family, and missed things I loved. I felt unsettled, alone, and extremely challenged at times. But for 6 years in the midst of these feelings I have been a line of comfort for students applying to PT school.


This role of providing a support system for people looking to take a leap in PT means a lot to me. It means a lot to make space in the profession for anyone that wants to belong to the profession I love. Especially people of color, because wherever you are in your journey I BELIEVE you BELONG in our profession and rightfully deserve to be here.

I present Live & Grow Mentorship as a life line to pre-pt students - there is no blueprint or perfect formula. There is an opportunity for me to meet you wherever you are in your journey, No matter what you go through always know I believe you belong.


Spring 2024 Update

 7 Live & Grow: Physiotherapy to USA Inquiries - Guidelines for Nigerian Trained Physiotherapists to transition to a clinician in US

2023 New Graduate - Passed National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) Oct 2023

2024 New Graduate - Full time NPTE Prep in Progress for Apr 2024

2024 1 Pre-PT Mentee - Accepted to 4 DPT Programs - Will attend Messiah University on Scholarship for 2024 Cohort

2025 1 Pre-PT Mentee - Confirmed Day N Night Support for 2025 PTCAS Cycle

2026 1 Pre-PT Mentee - Currently networking with 4 members of Live & Grow Network and preparing for GRE via LGM support

Accepted DPT Program List - 18 Programs Nationally


Dr. Mike Ukoha PT, DPT

  • Mentoring Pre-PT students applying to DPT programs since 2014

  • APTA Maryland Director of DEI 2020-23

  • 2022 UMB PTRS Alum of the Year

Pre-Physical Therapy Students
Current Doctor of Physical Therapy Students
Current Physical Therapy Assistant Students
New DPT Graduates



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"Mike was a huge resource fo me and I attribute his help as part of the reason why I got into UMB.  Mike genuinely wants to see people succeed and I can't recommend him enough!"


"People like you still give a good name to not only the profession but humanity. You’re selflessness does not go unnoticed."

"Mike was also able to provide insight and advice to myself during my application process, making himself available to answer any questions or concerns I may have had."


Mentee Accepted Schools:
University of Maryland: Baltimore 
University of Maryland: Eastern Shore 
Howard University 

University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill 
​Loma Linda University
High Point University
Thomas Jefferson University
University of Southern California
Midwestern University
Augustana University
Pittsburgh University
Bowling Green State University
Hanover College
University of North Texas
Messiah University
Neumann University
Seton Hill University
Moravian University

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